What is animation?

Animation is a powerful medium for captivating audiences, convey messages, and enhance brand visibility. From high-quality motion graphics to immersive 3D animations, the versatility of animation enables brands to create engaging visual content that resonates with their target audience, in a digestible manner.

From corporate animation services to advertising campaigns and music videos, animation offers a versatile platform to convey brand stories, showcase products, and engage audiences effectively.

Different types of animation

2D Animation

Traditional hand-drawn or computer-generated 2D animation is commonly used in marketing and branding for its versatility and nostalgic appeal. It includes techniques such as cel animation, motion graphics, and cartoon animation, ideal for storytelling, explainer videos, and character-driven campaigns.

3D Animation

3D animation brings depth, realism, and dynamic movement to marketing and branding efforts. It allows for the creation of lifelike characters, detailed environments, and intricate visual effects, making it suitable for product demonstrations, architectural visualisation, and immersive brand experiences.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation involves capturing individual frames of physical objects or models in various positions and then sequencing them together to create movement. It adds a tactile and handmade quality to marketing campaigns, often used for product showcases, brand storytelling, and creative advertisements.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics combine graphic design elements, typography, and animation to convey information, concepts, and messages in a dynamic and visually appealing manner. It's widely used in brand intros, explainer videos, and data visualisation, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic to marketing materials.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation simulates the process of drawing on a whiteboard or flipchart, with illustrations and text appearing in real-time accompanied by a narrator's voiceover. It's effective for explaining complex ideas, processes, or narratives, commonly used in educational content, corporate presentations, and product tutorials.

Animation Production Process

The process of creating animations involves several stages, starting with concept development and culminating in the delivery of high-quality motion graphics or 3D animations. It begins with understanding the client's objectives, target audience, and desired style of animation. Once the concept is finalised, the animation production team employs a range of animation techniques to bring the vision to life.

From character design to visual effects, each element is carefully crafted to align with the brand's identity and messaging. Client feedback plays a crucial role throughout the production process, ensuring that the animation meets their expectations and effectively communicates the intended message.

Concept Development

The process begins with brainstorming sessions to conceptualise ideas, themes, and messages for the animation, considering the target audience and brand objectives.


We then create a visual roadmap for the animation through storyboarding, outlining key scenes, transitions, and character movements to guide the creative animation process and ensure narrative coherence.

Animation Production

We utilise animation software and techniques to bring the storyboard to life, incorporating elements such as character design, visual effects, and motion graphics to enhance storytelling and engage the audience.

Client Collaboration

Clients will provide feedback and input throughout the production process, incorporating revisions and adjustments from stakeholders to align the animation style with their vision and objectives.

Finalisation and Delivery

We review the completed animation for quality assurance, making any necessary refinements or edits before delivering the final product to the client for distribution across various marketing channels and platforms.

Applications in marketing

Brand Storytelling

Telling compelling brand stories, conveying messages, values, and product benefits in a visually engaging and memorable way.

Product Promotion

Showcasing products and services through animated videos, demonstrating features, functionality, and unique selling points to capture audience attention and drive sales.

Audience Engagement

Creating interactive and immersive animated experiences to foster audience engagement, encouraging interaction, sharing, and participation with the brand.

Educational Content

Developing animated tutorials, explainer videos, and informational content to educate and inform audiences about complex topics, processes, or concepts related to the brand. Brands can use animation to simplify complex concepts, showcase product features, and provide tutorials or explainer videos.

Brand Recognition

Utilising animation to reinforce brand identity and recognition, incorporating consistent visual elements, characters, and motifs across animations and marketing materials to establish a strong brand presence.

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